Shrimp and Gator Platter, $19.95! Our musical guests are Jack & Dave, 10/9 Fri 5-8pm and 10/10Sat 4-7pm. Come try our new beers for fall or bring a bottle of your own, never a cork fee!

In honor of Alligator and Shrimp season we have our Fried Gator and Shrimp Platter! We are now offering a new Sampler Oyster Platter for only $19.95. Or you can order a dozen of your favorites for $19.95. Alligator Sauce Piquant will be featured all month on our Salad Bar.

Our very own J.D. Johnson is adding a new title to his list of restaurateur, caterer, owner of Middle TN largest Seafood distributor and now….Carp Buster. 

Asian Carp is a highly aggressive species that is rapidly invading our local waters. Gulf Pride Seafood is involved in supporting the eradication of this invasive species. In March of 2013,  J.D.